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Title: The Gentlemen's Club
Author: Icelilly
Genre: Friendship
Rating: PG
Pairings/Characters: Denmark, Sweden and Norway
Notes: Set during the 1960s. There's a mystery pairing at the end but I've let that open as to who the other person is up to you. There really is no plot to this I'm sorry. OTL
Disclaimer: Hetalia isn't mine. But this fic is.
Summary: After an unsuccessful meeting, Denmark invites Sweden and Norway for free drinks and a chance to unwind at a local strip club meant for high-class gentlemen. It's just another night for the Scandinavian men.

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Title: Surrender Your Love
Author: Icelilly
Genre: Angst/Drama
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: One-sided Denmark/Norway plus a mystery pairing. (Can you guess what it is without looking at the tags?)
Notes: Second submission for Nordipalooza. The prompt was “Norway, Denmark - Surrender [Optional: Viking Age or 1900s]”.
Disclaimer: Hetalia isn't mine. But this fic is.
Summary: Denmark is about to perform one last attempt to win Norway’s heart; a heart that stole his centuries ago. Will he finally get his chance? Or will it fall apart before his very eyes?

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Title: The Touch of a Dane
Author: Icelilly
Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Rating: G
Pairings/Characters: Denmark/Iceland. Norway gets mentioned a lot and is featured in Iceland's dream sequence.
Notes: One of two submissions for Nordipalooza. The prompt was “Iceland, Denmark - Drowning [Optional: Kalmar Union or 1800s]”. Also, Denmark may or may not be OOC; depending on the reader (I still need a ton of practice with him so I apologize if this is the case!).
Disclaimer: Hetalia isn't mine. But this fic is.
Summary: Sometimes all you need is a touch from the one you love to bring you back to reality.

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Title: The Curious Sealand II
Author: Icelilly
Genre: Family/Romance
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: Sweden/Finland. Contains all 5 of the Nordics and Sealand. Ladonia is also mentioned.
Warnings: Deals with some minor sexual content. Nothing is seen; it's mostly just talk on the subject.
Notes: Not a direct sequel; just a reused title. Based on a personal headcanon that Sweden and Finland were wild during the late 1970s (AKA the disco period). This was supposed to be posted at around Christmas time. Also, "Inkomstskatt" means "Income tax" in Swedish. (Do nations even pay income tax?!)
Disclaimer: Hetalia isn't mine. But this fic is.
Summary: The Curious Sealand is at it again! Christmas is almost here and Sealand can’t wait! After letting his curiosity get the best of him, he decides to go searching for his Christmas presents in his parents’ bedroom where he finds a photo album with some questionable images.

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Title: The Curious Sealand
Author: Icelilly
Genre: Comedy
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: All 5 Nordics + Sealand. Mentions of America, Estonia, Latvia, Russia and Belarus. Contains SuFin.
Warnings: Pure crack. Contains sex talk. Minor slash, violence and language.
Disclaimer: Hetalia isn't mine. But this fic is.
Summary: Sweden and Finland recently returned from a trip to Hawaii and
invited the other Nordics for a get-together. Meanwhile, Sealand is determined
to find the meaning of a word he just learned. But why won't anyone tell him what it means?

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